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Would we want our children or grandchildren to see how America's horses are treated by our public agencies?

Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates'



(Thanks to the Equine Welfare Alliance for the heads-up on this development.)

Now that some countries in the European Union are testing samples of horsemeat for banned substances, the predictions of horse advocates, routinely disparaged by Sue Wallis and company, are coming true.

Recently three tested samples of horsemeat for human consumption showed traces of phenylbutazone and a fourth contained clenbuterol. Both substances are absolutely banned from human food products.

One of the samples was traced back to a Canadian slaugherhouse, and from there was traced back to an Ohio "kill buyer" named Ronald Andio. It appears that Andio sold the horse for slaughter using falsified paperwork.

The US Food and Drug Administration issued Andio a warning letter requiring that Andio take corrective action. If the violation is repeated, Andio could face a citation and fines.

The actual letter can be viewed in a new window by clicking here.

Clearly there is corruption and lack of accountability in the horse slaughter industry. Advocates warned about it. Horse slaughter promoters denied it. Now the truth is starting to emerge.

American horses are not raised as food animals while producers of other meat products are required to comply with a host of safeguards and regulations. This unregulated and corrupt industry has no place in America. We complain about China sending over contaminated dog food products while we distribute contaminated horse meat to the rest of the world for people to eat. How does that make us any better?

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