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Issue: Nevada Legislature works to revive horse tripping ban after video airs on TV.


Situation Report Summary

Most rodeo and livestock events take reasonable care to prevent unnecessary risks to the animals involved. However a few "non mainstream" events are high risk and often cause serious injury to the animals. One in particular is the event known as "horse tripping" associated with Mexican rodeos or chariadas.

Horse tripping is not sanctioned by the national chariada association, however it continues to appear, generally in rural events not advertised outside the Mexican community. Horses have been so severely injured in these events that they are no longer viable for use and end up being sold to slaughter dealers. As a result two Nevada counties, Clark and Lyon, outlawed horse tripping for sport in their counties.

In the spring of 2011 a bill was introduced in the Nevada State Legislature that would create a state wide ban on horse tripping for sport or entertainment. The chariada groups protested the bill, testifying that horse tripping did not occur in Nevada. The Reno Rodeo Association came out in strong opposition to the bill even though the rodeo does not allow horse tripping. (This position caused a number of people to withdraw their support for the rodeo.)

The bill failed to move forward with swing vote Senator John Lee stating that he would have supported the bill had he been convinced that horse tripping was actually occurring in Nevada.

A few days later Reno TV station KRNV aired a 3 1/2 minute video of horse tripping that took place in Winnemucca. This event took place shortly after the Senate Committee failed to pass the tripping ban bill. KRNV's "evidence" sent legislators scrambling to seek ways to legally revive the bill. Apparently something is afoot as described in this AP story that appeared in a number of newspapers.

The AP report contains a number of interesting quotes.

We will follow this issue and present updates as new developments occur.

What you can do.

Here is a page with contacts for the NV Senate Natural Resources Committee.

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