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Would we want our children or grandchildren to see how America's horses are treated by our public agencies?

Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates'



Issue: Horse gather at Sheldon Wildlife Refuge
(Part Three)

Court Filing.

A Federal court action was filed regarding the upcoming Sheldon round-up on Wednesday, September 2nd. Links to the documents appear below.

The parties directly involved in this action were asked not to comment at this time until the Court reviews the complaint and makes a determination. However these public documents pretty much speak for themselves. Additional information will be posted as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

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The Sheldon suit was only hours old when the first piece of "disinformation" was distributed by an "anonymous" party opposed to the case. In this hit piece the anonymous party, among other things, alleged that the case was a fraud as it was not going to stop the round-up and that Laura Leigh was just a front for other people in order for them to gain some kind of notoriety.

If you read the court documents the case is not about stopping the round-up. There is no legal basis for doing that. The case is about what happens to the horses after they have been rounded up, and asks the court to establish legal ownership as a means of determining which regulations and/or laws apply to the placement of these animals. There is evidence that horses from Sheldon ended up in the slaughter industry in past years and the idea is to prevent this from happening this year.

Secondly, other than the collective "advocates," there are no individuals out there taking credit for this effort. Laura Leigh is the plaintiff as she has the most solid case to show irreparable harm caused by Sheldon's current policies and actions. Since USF&WS is not contemplating removing all the horses, or reducing the herd below a level of genetic viability, the issue here involves capricious and careless "disposal" of animals that have been removed. Since the Attorney General has not stepped up to the plate on this issue, it has fallen to a private citizen to show that the actions by Sheldon have caused irreparable harm to a law abiding private party, and by extension, is harming the public.

It's time for the US Fish and Wildlife Service to stop conducting their business in secret and dealing out horses without regard as to where the horses end up. That's what the suit is about.

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