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Would we want our children or grandchildren to see how America's horses are treated by our public agencies?

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  •   NV Board of Agriculture Discusses Establishing a Horse Slaughter Plant

  • Advocates Rescue the "Virginia Range 41"
    (Turned out to be 42, actually.)

    • "Bandit's" band returns to Stagecoach, locals cheer.

    • "Rambles," the pony that wasn't.

  • Storey County Complicit in Trapping of 29 Horses

  • NDA Sending Wild Horses to Killer Sale

  • Where the Virginia Range horses go after being captured.

    • Fallout begins from the "Wednesday Night Follies"

    • Advocates Rescue the "South Reno 23"

    • NDA Nabs "JJ"

    • Virginia Range Horse Defense Fund Reactivated

    • Tourism and Nevada's Nonresponsive Governor

  • "Horse Wars" heating back up on Nevada's Virginia Range

    • "Street corner horse sale" scheduled for December 27th.

      • Bizarre results of the "sale."

      • Lockwood horses recovered (we think)

    • The "Rescue" of the Mound House horses.


The following documents have been recently added to their respective incident briefings.
Please scroll down to the complete incident briefings for any the details that may precede these updates.

  • Horse Management Reforms / Developments

    • BLM Tightens Horse Sale Rules

    • FDA Cracking down on kill buyers

    • CO advocates challenge BLM roundup appropriateness and safety

    • Two men charged in wild horse scam (Sacramento Bee.)

    • Cloud Foundation and allies sue BLM over roundups.

      • Judge denies stay, appeals judge grants injunction.

      • Appeals panel lifts injunction, round-up proceeds.

    • Extreme Mustang Makeover Under Fire

    • Trials Begin for 3-4 year PZP Fertility Control

  • Congress

    • House of Representatives votes to cut roundups

    • It ain't necessarily so, Joe!
      (BLM has not committed to canceling horse and burro roundups.)


    • Nevada Legislature Continues Assault on Horses

      • Legislature reconsiders horse trip ban after TV exposť

    • The Dangerous Folly of the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners

      • Voodoo Science on the Range (Editorial)

    • Nevada Legislature's New Assault on Wild Horses!


  • Sue Wallis Misfires Again

  • Message from "Wild Horse Annie"

  • Voodoo Science on the Range

  • Duty to Protect
    (Additional notes added 07-16-10)

  • Demar Dahl and the Elko Welfare Ranchers

  • Win or lose - It's now up to the advocates

  • BLM's slippery slope

  • Why I have to support the moratorium

  • Understanding the BLM Puzzle


  • Nevada Legislature's New Assault on Wild Horses!


  • Current State of Advocacy

    • Carson City Protest against corruption and horse slaughter sales

    • Wild Horse Advocacy - Not a Carnival Sideshow

  • Virginia Range (Nevada) Shenanegans

    • Deputy Chief of Staff Killing Wild Horses

  • Sheldon Wildlife Refuge Roundup

    • Relevant facts concerning the Sheldon roundup

    • 2010 final gather statistics, planning docs

  • Latest Large Scale Rescue

    • The "Fallon 101" Rescue

  • Media Reports

    • The Mustang Conspiracy

  • The Tuscarora Roundup Issue

    • Twelve killed in early roundup activities

    • Tuscarora Legal and Other Documents

  • The Pilot Valley Horse Issue

    • Pilot Valley Horse Rescue

    • Advocates Save all the Horses!

  • Secretary Salazar's "Initiative" and Denver Roundtable

    • The Secretary's "Initiative"
      (Note: This link goes to BLM's site and as of this posting the ePlanning "Click Here to Submit Comments" system is not working correctly.)

    • Secretary's "Initiative" draws fire

    • Rebuttal to IECR Report / Errors

    •  Index of Documents Filed by the Alliance
  • Secretary Salazar's wild horse "Initiative"

    • The Secretary's "Initiative"
      (Note: This link goes to BLM's site and as of this posting the ePlanning "Click Here to Submit Comments" system is not working correctly.)

    • Rebuttal to IECR Report / Errors

    • Index of Documents Filed by the Alliance

  • Transparency: Wyoming BLM keeps public in the dark

  • BLM's mixed messages. Are the horses starving or not?

  • "Surprise" round-up a surprise to BLM Chief

  • Over 100 groups call for moratorium on wild horse roundups

    • More celebrities back roundup moratorium

    • Nevada Advocates deliver "one-two" punch

    • America's youth want to be heard

  • BLM's proposed removal of 2,700 horses from the Calico Mountains Complex

    • BLM received over 7,000 comments on roundup proposal

    • Legal Action Filed to Stop the Calico Roundup

    • Court orders temporary halt to roundups

    • BLM says it will proceed with Calico roundup

    • BLM projects Calico roundup to cost $ 1,700,000.00

    • DC Court denies Calico Mountains injunction

    • Horseback Magazine wrangles with BLM PAO

    • Report from Calico Gather (Operations Grounded)

    • Report from Calico Gather (Operations Underway)

    • Report from Indian Lakes Facility (Fallon, NV)

    • January 23 Update

    • February 1 Update

    • Calico Roundup Concluded

  • Petition for the replacement of "Cattleman Ken" Salazar

  • Society for Range Management Wild & Feral Horse and Burro Management and Policy Conference (Meeting overview and meeting minutes.)
  • The Winecup Gamble Wild Horse Sanctuary

    • The Elko Commission and Welfare Ranching Mentality
  • Salazar's Horse "Exodus" Proposal

    • Why Ken Salazar Has to Go
  • Pryor Mountains Round-Up (Cloud's Herd)

    • Read Congressman Ray Grijalva's letter to BLM

    • The Managed Extinction of Cloud's Herd

  • Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

    • Read the public documents filed in court

    • RUMOR CONTROL: Disinformation already being spread

  • Restore Our American Mustangs Act

  • Bureau of Land Management Exceeding its Authority

  • Virginia Range Wild Horses

    • NV Dept. of Ag ships wild horses to slaughter dealer

      • Index to news stories covering this issue

    • Mistakes lead to serious highway horse accident

  • Horse Slaughter Issue

    • Sue Wallis' "Black List"

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